Dear Colleague and Friend,

I would like to welcome you to 4th edition of the Cracow Vascular Summit in 2017, an International and Multidisciplinary Conference and 2nd Meeting of Polish Foreign Vascular Specialists dedicated to treatment of complex vascular diseases. We encourage participation of endovascular specialists including vascular surgeons, interventional cardiologists, radiologists, and neurologist.
Our conference will focus on several topics including limb ischemia, carotid interventions and stroke. We also plan to conduct venous session and aortic session. We hope you will enjoy live satellite transmissions from cath labs and hybrid rooms where complex peripheral and aortic interventions will be performed live. We anticipate to conduct a separate session dedicated to serious complications and a spend some time with you focusing on endovascular practice building. We plan to update you on cutting edge therapies and state of the art of ongoing and projected clinical trials in endovascular interventions.
Our Faculty will be comprised of a multidisciplinary team of practicing endovascualar specialists and scientists from Western and Eastern Europe and North America.


Waclaw Kuczmik, MD                                                        
Course Director                    
Marek Majewski MD
Director Meeting of Polish  Foreign Vascular Specialists



SAVE THE DATE: 19-21.10.2017

4th Edition of the Cracow Vascular Summit
International Meeting for Progress in Endovascular Therapies

2nd Meeting of Polish Foreign Vascular Specialists​

Course Directors:
Frank Criado (USA)
Piotr Kasprzak (Germany)
Wacław Kuczmik (Poland)
Vaclav Prochazka (Czech Republic)
Tadeusz Popiela (Poland)

Director of 2nd Meeting of Polish Foreign Vascular Specialists
Marek Majewski (France)

Scientifi Committee:
Piotr Andziak (Poland)
Andrzej Dorobisz (Poland)
Arkadiusz Jawień (Poland)
Nicola Mangialardi (Italy)
Marek Maruszyński (Poland)
Grzegorz Oszkinis (Poland)
Carlo Setacci (Italy)
Walerian Staszkiewicz (Poland)
Rolf Weidenhagen (Germany)
Krzysztof Ziaja (Poland)
Tomasz Zubilewicz (Poland)


Jacek Krupa
Marshal of the Malopolska Region